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Advanced Alarm System Features

How we view security

Professional alarm and security systems are more than loud noises attempting to scare off burglars. High level customized intrusion prevention programs are advanced technological practices ensuring that your home is adequately prepared to defend against break in attempts. 

An alarm system should serve as a strong barrier to entry for whatever its protecting. Modern security systems are very flexible. They allow for sensors, input and output, and control abilities to be integrated. We can add valuable features to improve the overall success of the system and reduce break in attempts.


Let’s go through some of the abilities and features of a professional alarm and security system. 

  • CO Detectors monitor CO levels from dangerous fossil fuel burners or fire’s in general. Carbon monoxide is generally vented to the outside of your home but in the case of a leak, these sensors make sure you’re aware.
  • Door Chimes are connected to your alarm system keypad and can be programmed to sound if certain doors are opened within your system. This will help if you’re concerned with the activity of an elderly loved one or a child. 
  • Current Sensors monitor if appliances or general outlets are low in current. This can prevent things like frozen meat from thawing and general power losses within your home.
  • Flood Detectors work to detect flooding be it from valve leaks or dangerous high tide waters. 
  • Smoke Detectors must be installed in all homes. However they are not required to be integrated with alarm systems. Professional services takes care of that and properly sync smoke detectors and alarm systems.
  • Relay Outputs are used to program sensor inputs to corresponding alarm types. An example may be, programming a driveway gate. The gate can be programmed to open in the case of a certain relay trip. 
  • Activity Logs are useful to understand how and why your system is being used. Monitor internal records of activity incase there’s a break in. The activity logs will tell you exactly what tripped the alarm and when.

General Thoughts

We’ve went through a general list of features and practices of professional alarm systems. All features are more effective with 24/7 live monitoring as emergency response services are generally notified the instant an alarm trips. 

Monitoring services will also check and make sure you aren’t experiencing false alarms. This further decreases delay time from emergency services.

If you are going to secure your home with alarm systems you might as well ensure that most features are properly integrated and monitored. Follow us for more info or get in touch with us here.

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