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What we do

Securing The Future.

Entry Gate Automation

Professional access control systems for motorized entry gates. We build reliable automated gate systems for your needs.


Alarm Security Systems

High performance home and business alarm security system services. Professional installation and monitoring.

Video Surveillance

World class security system surveillance camera automation. Business and home automated smart camera solutions.

our work

Professional automation.

Serving South Ontario World-Class entry gate and alarm system automation for 20 years.


Commercial Services

Automated Commercial Systems

Professional enterprise solutions ensuring reduced administrative overhead and improved building security.

Building Automation

Automate and secure office high rise level enterprise applications with Mass Limited.

Monitored Intrusion Detection

24/7 Monitoring

Smart Security

Fully Automated

Video Surveillance

Access Control

20 Years of Service

System Design

Project Development

VIP Support

Home Security services

Residential Services

Mass Limited has been securing homes for over 20 years. Cutting edge smart alarm systems ensuring advanced protection features.

  • Smart Keypads
  • Smart Alarm Alerts
  • Advanced Motion Sensors
  • Door & Window Protection

Secure your home with the best in class video surveillance systems. We offer a wide range of solutions ranging from Google systems to advanced night vision 4K server based surveillance. 

Automate energy usage, lighting, smart locks, garage controls, and smart plugs. Have complete control over home energy and security with advanced automation services including mobile control.

Luxury gate automation

Entry Gate Automation

Custom Automation Solutions

Authorized installer of LiftMaster and RIBIND advanced motor control systems. Best in class automation services with 10 years of warranty backed service.

Complete Control

Operate gates from your phone, your access control points, or with sensor automation. Experience full customization.

LiftMaster Drives

Authorized Installer


Authorized Installer

Advanced Access Control

Full Automation

Licensed Certified Electricians

Configure Systems

Install Drives & Controls

Testing and Support

World class security

Alarm Security Services

Control your system with the touch of a button using our wide variety of keypads specifically configured for your system. Arm and control dozens of integrated devices seamlessly with responsive access control.

Reliable and experienced security professionals with constantly be ready to respond in case of an alarm activation. Rest easy knowing that your alarm system is monitored and actively ready to respond to break in attemps.

World class home and business alarm security systems built to ensure 24/7 coverage and monitoring. Control security from your phone with mobile integration capabilities and advanced control features.

Alarm Monitoring
Canadian Customers
security system automation

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As the complexity of systems increase, the field of security is multi-disciplinary with technological expertise and discipline.

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