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15 Ways to Theft Proof Your Home

Did you know that most break in attempts occur in the middle of the day? Robbers try to get in and get out of your home in under 10 minutes. This is why its very important to ensure your home is as theft proof as possible. Many times robbers or burglars will use social media to find out if your home is a target. 

Most break-ins happen mid-day while people are at work or running errands.


We’ve put together a list of 15 things you can do to theft proof your home. Now while these tips and tricks aren’t as strong as a reliable security system, these may help in the case of a burglary attempt.

1. Look for vulnerable spots.

Review and inspect the exterior of your home keeping an eye out for windows that could be easily opened by hand or with tools. Check if people can see the inside of your home and valuable items within your rooms. You may be able to contact your local police force and request a home security check. Not all forces offer this but its worth checking out. 

2. Lock doors and windows.

According to the burglary prevention council, first floor windows are entry points in 23% of home break ins. You can try a wireless alarm kit for the price of $25. These will sound an alarm if a window or door you’ve protected opens while alarmed.

3. Landscape strategically.

Mindfully plant thorn based shrubs under easily accessible windows and ensure brushes are trimmed and clean so burglars cant hide behind them.

4. Install a fence.

Fences secured by concrete pillars work best such as chain link or ornamental. Solid wooden fences with painted tops are also good choices.

5. Install double-key deadbolts.

According to the burglary prevention council 34% of all intruders let themselves in through the front door. 3 double-key deadbolt doors require two keys to unlock meaning the barrier of entry is much more difficult.

6. Upgrade doors and locks.

Look into heavy duty thick doors as its much harder to kick them in. If your door has a window you can try a floor lock to keep burglars from reaching in after breaking the window to unlock the door.

7. Install motion sensor lighting.

Motion sensor lighting is a great deterrence. Make sure dark spots easily illuminate after lights turn on to ensure there’s no where to hide. If you live in an apartment make sure to request approval or make recommendations to landlords to increase security.

8. Invest in a home security system.

Home alarm systems paired with video surveillance systems are the strongest security methods on the planet. Night vision systems with server backups and 24/7 monitoring are a very strong deterrence. 

9. Secure sliders.

Sliding glass doors tend to be easier to break or open. Try to find a higher quality slider door or secure it with simple household items like chairs.

10. Prepare for the worst.

Ensure your hard drives are backed up, valuables kept in a deposit box, and you have photos of serial numbers for valuable items. 

11. Get a safe.

Jewels, passports, and other high value documents need to be secured in a fireproof safe. Getting one built or bolted into your floor or wall is a very strong way to protect valuable assets. 

12. Change the locks.

Home owners and renters should practice changing locks as often as your discretion advises. You have no way of knowing how many copies of old locks were made, kept, or distributed.

13. Reinforce windows.

Install the best quality of reinforced windows you can. Check out window sensors or alarms that sound if the window is broken.

14. Don’t advertise.

If you’re leaving your home for an extended period of time, you should shy away from letting the world know through social media or word of mouth. 

15. Have a neighbor check in.

You could even offer to pay them to house sit. 

If the worst case scenario happens and someone breaks into your home you should immediately call the police. Follow us for more tips and tricks. Get in touch to start your security system services.

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