Alarm Security and Gate Automation FAQ

Learn how alarm security and gate automation can be one of your best investments

Is it worth getting an alarm system for my home or business?

Alarm systems provide peace of mind and advanced protection features. Alarm systems are particularly effective for theft & break in prevention, security monitoring and 24/7 support. Likewise environmental disasters such as floods, fires or structural damages are also managed. Furthermore you are provided with an all access dedicated team enabling reliable supervision and adequate instant response times. 

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Is house insurance cheaper with alarm services & entry gates?

In Canada, break-in alarm insurance discounts range between 2-5 percent, according to Consumer Reports. However, a more sophisticated security system may reduce home insurance quotes by upwards of 20 percent. The more advanced your system, the more it will protect. Insurance rates are affected by the level of coverage your alarm system offers.

How can I deter burglary attempts?

While there is no way to 100% deter burglar attempts, following these few tips may help prevent break-in attempts:

  • Lock all windows and doors at all times, even when you leave briefly. Keep valuables secured in safes or lockboxes when you leave the property.
  • Update electronic door passwords or critical codes regularly.
  • Invest in alarm security and gate automation services.
  • Keep vacations and time away from home private. Don’t announce vacations or trips on social media.
  • Give your home a lived-in look if you’re out of the house for extended periods.
  • If moving into a new home, condo, or apartment, or your keys were lost or stolen – update and change the entry locks immediately.
  • Maintain and update alarm security services to ensure your security system is up to date.

How much do alarm services cost?

Generally, advanced home alarm system services range from $1000-$5000. This may depend on property size and system specifications. Monitoring fees are monthly charges by monitoring providers. Allowing for 24/7 accurate reliability and prompt response in the event of alarm triggering. These may range between $10-50 a month, depending on your system. Business alarm systems entirely rely on the property size and business security requirements. Some businesses may be quoted $1000-$5000 systems while more advanced coverage may be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Are monitored alarm system worth it?

Monitored alarm systems provide 24/7 live coverage of your system. Every aspect of your alarm system is being monitored at all times. Furthermore, in the case of an emergency, the combination of a professional alarm system with monitoring may be the saving factor in protecting you and your property.

What is the most effective type of alarm system?

The most effective alarm systems are professionally services systems paired with 24/7 monitoring. Customization in professional systems provide the most advanced and reliable protection available. Additionally, monitoring increases the responsivity drastically and allows your service to be as dependable as possible.

How can I make my gate automatic?

Entry gates automation requires electric motors, photocell sensors, and entry telecom units. Control systems are designed and programmed, offering seamless operation. Furthermore, panels are used to program motors for specific time openings, speed of opening/closing. Industrial motors are your best bet to get through cold winters and tough Canadian weathers. 

How much does an automated gate cost?

Depending on gate dimensions, reliable gate automation ranges between $2000-$15,000. Firstly, higher price ranges are specifically for large gates (upwards of 4000 LBS+) with industrial applications. Secondly, large industrial gates require constant use during all weather and temperatures, calling for substantial motors. In conclusion, prices vary but the heavier the gate and more customized the automation, the pricier you get.

What type of gate openers are most recommended?

Top Mounted Swing Arm
Top Mounted Swing Arms are used for the heaviest and most rigorous workloads. These drive systems can generally last 10-20 years if maintained correctly and withstand the harshest environments. Most plans have to control panel access at the front of the drive and require simple top cover removal. General electrical applications are between 115V-460VAC, 24VDC. Generally used for gates up to 22 feet in length and 4,500 LBS of weight.
Linear Arm or Ram Arm
The easiest to install and most common arm. Control panels and linear/ram arms are primarily separate from their control panel. Mechanical drives are the most common and are generally used for gates upwards of 500 LBS. Most voltage applications are 12-24V DC supplies.

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How does an automatic gate work?

Automatic gates employ motor drive systems controlled by control panel logic boards programmed to specific automation standards. There are generally sensors, and a variety of input devices used to manage the operation of the gate (opening/closing), such as keys, key lock fobs, sensors, and Bluetooth control devices. Electrical signals are sent from input points to the control board, and based on the inputs; the motors will behave as programmed. Such that an open command opens the gates and close orders close the gates. Automation is implemented, and sensors are utilized when the project requirements demand more customization and specific drive timings, motion sensing, and security features.

Is gate automation worth it?

Professional gate automation offers reliable and warranty-backed services. The Mass Limited team has sourced, professionally tested, installed, programmed, and commissioned the most technologically advantageous motor drives and control systems. Gate automation offers you seamless property entrance and reliable warranty-backed service. Gate automation takes your gate to the next level in security and benefits your automated system with alarm integration possibilities.

What is the difference between a smoke alarm and a smoke detector?

Smoke alarms are used in residential home settings. The main purpose of smoke alarms is to detect smoke and sound an alarm. Smoke alarms are all-in-one devices with smoke detectors built in. Smoke alarms are designed to detect combustion and sound an audible or visual alarm warning residents.

Smoke detectors are used in more commercial applications but can be seen in homes as well. A smoke detectors main purpose is to detect combustion and send control signals to the main fire alarm system. After a signal is sent the alarm promptly responds warning residents that combustion has been detected.   

Why would I hire Mass Limited for alarm and gate services?

Mass Limited has offered state-of-the-art alarm system and gate automation services throughout the GTA for over 20 years. With exceptional service, great pricing, and outlined warranty plans, Mass Limited offers one of the best investments you can make in your home and business security services.